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Refrigerator, kitchen or restaurant?
As a big household appliance, the location of the refrigerator is also very important; then where can the refrigerator be beautiful and practical, kitchen or restaurant? Let's take a look. First, the
Fridge preservation, returning to standard, achieving frozen age and focusing on food ingredients
Since modern refrigerators were formally put into household scenes, fresh-keeping of food materials has become an eternal attribute of the development of refrigerators technology. Fresh-keeping techno
The refrigerator is so fastidious about purchasing and daily nursing.
The three giants of household appliances circle are refrigerator, TV and washing machine. Basically, no household will lack these kinds of household appliances. Among the three giants, one electric ap
Do you want to put all kinds of food in the Spring Festival?
In the Spring Festival, there will always be a variety of chickens, ducks, fish and various kinds of delicious food. Although it is quite in line with the customs of the Spring Festival, many deliciou
Kitchen electricity competition is far away from Shanzhai, upgrading and transformation is the key.
In recent years, the industry of kitchen appliances has been the "highland" for all kinds of capital competition, which is inseparable from the fact that over the years, the growth rate of kitchen app
2018 the first quarter of the embedded kitchen electricity: slowdown does not change the trend of late
Although the continuous regulation of the real estate market and the instability of the macroeconomic environment have a certain impact on the household appliances industry, but throughout the first q
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