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Refrigerator, kitchen or restaurant?

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Refrigerator, kitchen or restaurant?

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As a big household appliance, the location of the refrigerator is also very important; then where can the refrigerator be beautiful and practical, kitchen or restaurant? Let's take a look.
First, the conditions of the apartment:
Huxing is a prerequisite, if the kitchen or restaurant is small and pitiful; that's nothing to say, so let's first see where your Huxing fits.
Two, storage conditions:
Refrigerators are very hot when they are refrigerated, so the place where they are stored should have good ventilation and heat dissipation conditions. In addition, refrigerators are high-usage electrical appliances, requiring convenient and practical placement.
Three. Priority Kitchen:
In ordinary families, refrigerators are frozen vegetables and meat; therefore, they are more convenient to use in the kitchen. (warm tips: refrigerators should not rely on the stove, the kitchen is overheating and electricity consumption).
Four, it depends on its usefulness:
Although the general family is recommended to keep the kitchen; if the family does not often cook, refrigerators are mainly frozen drinks, then put it in the restaurant. This refrigerator is easy to use and keeps away from lampblack. If the two factors are taken into consideration, it can be considered to be conveniently located between the kitchen and the dining room.