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"One person" home appliances become the new favorite!

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"One person" home appliances become the new favorite!

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Mini rice cookers, one-person food health pots, small washing machines... "One-person" appliances have become a new choice for people's quality of life and a new outlet for consumption upgrades.

Covers almost all categories of kitchen appliances

Miss He, who lives in Shanghai, recently bought a "one-person" rice cooker. "I usually eat alone at home. I use a conventional rice cooker to cook the amount of three or four people. It is wasteful if I can't finish eating it." With the mini rice cooker, Miss He can cook rice according to her own appetite. Encountered because Mi Shao couldn't even cover the bottom of the pot.

The "exquisite youth" Mr. Wang has been using a small washing machine. "There won't be too many changes of laundry for one person, usually 3 kg is enough." Mr. Wang said, "'One person' home appliances have become a necessity in my life. The mini washing machine occupies a small space and has all functions and is very suitable for outdoor use. Young people living alone in renting."

Nowadays, more and more "one-person" appliances appear in the electrical appliance market. According to official data from Tmall, during the "Double Eleven" period this year, the year-on-year growth rate of "one-person" kitchen appliances was twice that of the overall growth rate of kitchen appliances. A total of 2.3 million mini kitchen appliances were sold. Shenzhen, Beijing, Hangzhou and other places accounted for 18% of sales.

The hot market has given birth to more small appliances. "In the past, there were mainly some well-known big brand products in the market. Now many niche brands are also producing'one-person' appliances that are both fashionable and functional." said Zhu Mingxuan, an operator of the Tmall kitchen appliance industry, "'one-person' The product range of electrical appliances is becoming more and more diverse. Taking kitchen appliances as an example, it has expanded from traditional rice cookers and electric kettles to sandwich machines, electric cups, soymilk machines, wall breakers, and coffee machines, covering almost all categories of kitchen appliances."

Hot sales is a concrete manifestation of the consumption upgrade trend

The emergence of "one-person" home appliances better meets the new needs and changes in contemporary people's lives.

Many people in the industry said that the increasing miniaturization of Chinese households is the primary reason for the hot sales of "one-person" home appliances. “The standard standard of a family is no longer just a family of three. Many original three-person families have been split into two types of small families with single children and a couple.” said Liu Yuanju, a researcher at the Shanghai Institute of Finance and Law. Electrical appliances are more suitable for the family structure of the current society and will not cause excessive waste of resources."

The consumption upgrade brought about by diversified functional requirements is another incentive. The reporter learned from the Suning Tesco platform that in addition to common appliances such as rice cookers and kettles, the sales of "one-person" home appliances in the special functional category also increased significantly. For example, the mini oven increased by 102% year-on-year, and the water-proof stew pot increased by 179% year-on-year. Orders for broken wall cooking machines have increased by 855%.

"Take the kitchen appliance market for "one-person food" as an example. Now people's demand for kitchen supplies is no longer limited to the simplest and basic functions, but is developing in the direction of specialization and diversification." Zhu Mingxuan said.

In the eyes of consumers, "one-person" appliances can effectively use space. Ms. Bao, who was "grassed" because of a video, bought a Philips handheld multifunctional vacuum cleaner this year. She said: "This small vacuum cleaner can not only vacuum but also mopping the floor. It can be held in hand during use and used up. It can be wall-mounted and stored in a cabinet, which is completely in line with my minimalist lifestyle."

The brand leader of Xiaomi Mijia said that they found that when consumers have higher aesthetic standards and spending power, they will be more inclined to buy exquisite products that meet individual needs to demonstrate their personality and attitude to life. The hot selling of home appliances for one person is a concrete manifestation of this consumption upgrade trend.

Merchants see the "one person" economic blue ocean

The popularity of the "one person" home appliance market has given businesses another blue ocean.

With the development of social economy, more and more young people's annual income has reached 20,000 US dollars, which is an internationally recognized income threshold for developed countries (regions). "When people's income increases, the requirements for the quality of life will also increase, and these'small appliances' with various functions allow us to experience a higher quality of life." Liu Yuanju said.

According to, consumers' personalized needs are more and more accurately captured by e-commerce platforms, and through reverse customization, they will work with brands to provide the market with more products that meet individual needs. In the future, this trend will become more and more obvious, and more sub-category products will get more room for development.

The veteran kitchenware brand Joyoung has also made corresponding strategic adjustments in accordance with market changes in recent years. "We have found that small-capacity, high-value, easy-to-operate, and easy-to-store small kitchen appliances have been very popular in recent years, and the usage scenarios have been continuously enriched, from kitchen to living room, from office to hotel, from home to travel." Joyoung E-commerce Pan Zhifeng, director of product operations of the center, said that in response to changes in consumer preferences, Joyoung has launched a series of "one-person food" products, and the product categories are still expanding.

According to data provided by Alibaba, the top five annual hot words that consumers searched most during the online shopping of home appliances on the platform in 2019 are "multifunctional", "integrated", "mini", "portable" and "smart". These features also represent consumer groups. The trend of consumption for small appliances.

In fact, one-person serving and customized products also have corresponding development trends overseas. "Especially in Japan and other places, local businesses have developed products for different groups of people, different functions, and different styles." said Yang Xiong, director of the Institute of Sociology at the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences.

"'One-person' home appliances satisfy people's yearning for a better life. As the market continues to expand, people's demand for'exquisite life' will extend to other areas." Yang Xiong said that nowadays, there are already "one-seater" restaurants in Japan and other places. Single-person karaoke shops, etc., these novel and interesting life service facilities may also gain considerable business opportunities in our country in the future.