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2021 Refrigerator Market: High-end and scenes become the two major "new match points" of the industry

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2021 Refrigerator Market: High-end and scenes become the two major "new match points" of the industry

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At present, the intelligentization of equipment and the intelligentization of homes have made life fragmented. Under the two seemingly contradictory concepts of lazy economy and efficient work, traditional and single-product sales are gradually declining, and high-end and smart home scenarios have become The inevitable trend.

Closely following the 14th Five-Year Plan of "Comprehensive Promotion of Consumption", home appliance brands play a keen sense of the market and actively upgrade their products and scenes. Industry experts predict that high-end products and complete sets of scenes will become two "new match points", further affecting the brand competition landscape.

 The refrigerator market is rising strongly, and brands are competing for the high-end market

 In the first 15 weeks of 2021, the refrigerator market is gaining momentum, with a cumulative retail sales growth rate of 41.2% year-on-year, and the market is leaning towards large-capacity and high-end products. As brand competition has entered a fierce stage, seizing high-end market share has become an important breakthrough.

Take Haier refrigerator as an example, taking advantage of its outstanding performance in the high-end field, its first share has been further increased. In the 15th week of the refrigerator Top 20 best-selling list, 10K+ refrigerators accounted for 11 seats, Haier Refrigerator occupies 7 seats, and the top of the best-selling list is also a 10K+, 600L Haier full-space fresh-keeping refrigerator. Because it accounts for nearly half of the high-end market, the overall share of Haier refrigerators has continued to stabilize at more than 40% in recent weeks.

Scenarios instead of products, smart home scenarios accelerate the landing

If health preservation is just needed, then the complete set of scenes is the only way for users to improve the quality of life. Under the needs of comfortable home, entertainment and leisure, and finely controlled cooking, whether it can provide users with the best life experience and continue to improve according to user needs has become another barrier to change the brand competition pattern.

Under the strategy of "scene instead of products", Haier Zhijia makes smart life no longer stay in superficial intelligence, but move towards ecological and dynamic direction. Taking its three-winged bird kitchen scene as an example, what it provides is no longer a set of kitchen appliances that can only cook, but a full-scene solution for home food such as buying, eating, storing, cooking, washing, changing, mother and child. By linking thousands of resources in 12 major industries such as food, home furnishing, logistics, etc., the kitchen bureau reform plan launched has landed more than 4,000 nationwide.

The high-end, scenario-based changes in products have been overwhelming, and ecological co-creation is accelerating. Embracing changes in market demand and continuously optimizing consumers' consumer experience is the direction for brands to win future development.