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Kitchen electricity competition is far away from Shanzhai, upgrading and transformation is the key.

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Kitchen electricity competition is far away from Shanzhai, upgrading and transformation is the key.

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In recent years, the industry of kitchen appliances has been the "highland" for all kinds of capital competition, which is inseparable from the fact that over the years, the growth rate of kitchen appliances market scale is generally higher than the overall growth rate of household appliances scale and the high profits of kitchen appliances. At present, almost all household appliances brands are involved in kitchen appliances, among which unknown brands are numerous.
Scramble for warmth to expose the kitchen and electric industry
First, the lack of unified and standardized price guidance strategy, arbitrary pricing, so that kitchen appliances manufacturers into the price war whirlpool; Second, only to pursue profits, do not care about product quality and service quality, consumer rights and interests can not be guaranteed; Third, there is no unified brand image, some kitchen appliances manufacturers do not have unified. First, VI, or not to follow VI image publicity, leading to confusion in the brand image of kitchen appliances manufacturers; Fourth, production and sales are not coordinated, each school, there is no unified management and unified scheduling; Fifth, the product is too monotonous, no technical content, no competitive characteristics, long-term imitation and plagiarism, making enterprises lost. Lose competitiveness.
All these signs indicate that China's kitchen electricity industry is undergoing tremendous changes, and the industry's big shuffling period is coming.
According to Zhongyikang retail monitoring data, there are five categories of kitchen and electrical appliances, such as lampblack hood, gas stove, water heater, electric oven and water purification equipment. In 2017, the number of brands on sale in the whole channel is 475, 546, 416, 246 and 284 respectively. Among them, 105, 127, 84, 73 and 79 new brands are entered, and 79 brands are withdrawn. The number is 102, 115, 60, 32, and 38 respectively. This startling and progressive data shows that the pattern of kitchen electricity industry is undergoing great changes.
Behind the trend of Chaoyang, the future market prospects of the kitchen and electrical industry are still broad, but in a short time shuffling and transformation tide has started. That is to say, the total number of new brands of the above five categories of kitchen and electrical products this year is 468, but 347 brands have been eliminated. There are 546 brands of gas cooker, 127 new products this year, and 115 quit brands. On the whole, the number of new brands in the kitchen electricity market is larger than that of withdrawal brands. The total number of brands participating in the market competition is increasing, the market vitality of the industry is increasing, and the market competition is further intensified.
A large part of these eliminated brands are "brand name" Shanzhai brands. In the past few years, because of its low cost of jerry-building and similar to some famous brands, it temporarily made a handful of gold. However, in the past two years, with the increasing efforts of the state regulatory authorities and major e-commerce to eliminate counterfeit and inferior products, these brands have gradually lost their original market, many brands disappeared in the online physical stores and online e-commerce line of sight, especially since the failure of counterfeit Shanzhai cherry blossoms and other miscellaneous brands, the whole kitchen and electrical market is in a tight position. In 2018, these brands could not afford to collapse.
Previously, some insiders commented that the kitchen electricity industry registered a trademark, then make a set of image, and finally find a white machine factory agent products, as long as the marketing is good, you can make a lot of money in this industry, low threshold, difficult brand supervision, so that the kitchen electricity market has become a serious disaster area of Shanzhai miscellaneous brands. Low-end, low-cost and low-profit enterprises cover products that are almost on the edge of quality, including low-end counterfeits, low-end edge-polishing balls (edge-polishing brand), low-end and low-quality products, all of which survive with low-profit and high-quality products, but from now on, the days of such low-profit have come to an end.
Specific analysis of these products'dependence channels and main distribution outlets, the first is the e-commerce channel, the second is the offline agent channel, distribution outlets are mainly local towns and surrounding areas of bulk stores. Industry experts pointed out that in the next two years, most fake and inferior kitchen and electrical products will be eliminated online with the rise of vertical e-commerce, which is an inevitable trend. The follow-up profits of these brands can not support normal operation at all. It is impossible for them to increase their prices dramatically in the direction of channels. Therefore, the profit of non-brand value can only be squeezed out.
Some experts said that the kitchen and electrical enterprises are facing many difficulties, such as high threshold of industry start, high production costs, high marketing and promotion costs, difficult channel sinking, online traffic and so on. The most important is the upgrading of consumer goods, low-end production and low-cost marketing has no advantages at all.
On the one hand, the Shanzhai brand of low-end products has been rapidly eliminated, on the other hand, Fangtai, Boss, Huadi, Haier, Mei, Cherry Blossom, Shuaikang, Deyi, Cohen, Wanhe, Wanjiale, Good Wife, Fame, Cherry Snow, Schindler, Ouyi, Wanzhou, Hongri, Wanshixing and other brands are actively transforming to high-end and consuming. Under the background of upgrading, high-end kitchen appliances are gradually accepted by consumers, which is illustrated by the rapid growth of embedded kitchen appliances.
The development of China's kitchen and electrical industry in 2018 is complex. There are many crises. First, the cost of raw materials and other production has soared.
From 2016 to the beginning of 2018, affected by the soaring price of raw materials, the prices of accessories and packaging have been greatly increased. Enterprises with strong brand value have not raised prices substantially, but low-cost marketing brands can not see this barrier, and they have raised prices for channels three or five times. However, after three or five price increases, it is better to choose a brand directly, so in 2018, brand concentration has become stronger and stronger, leading to a major shuffle of the national offline physical store market.
In other words, in the first few years of the terminal market, we can see a lot of miscellaneous brands in the street, especially miscellaneous wives, Shanzhai cherry blossoms and inferior low-end brands.