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Do you want to put all kinds of food in the Spring Festival?

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Do you want to put all kinds of food in the Spring Festival?

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In the Spring Festival, there will always be a variety of chickens, ducks, fish and various kinds of delicious food. Although it is quite in line with the customs of the Spring Festival, many delicious foods can not be completely eliminated by one meal. At this time, people will put the food in the refrigerator to keep the food fresh through low temperature. But not everything is suitable for fridge, and some foods in the fridge will have adverse effects.
First of all, from the point of view of food preservation, the refrigeratory interior is to preserve the freshness of food by low temperature. In the low temperature state, the deterioration and decay speed of food will be greatly inhibited by low temperature. But this does not mean that there will be no adverse effects when food is stored. When putting food into the refrigerator, it is better not to put some meat and fresh food materials. Although the activity of bacteria will be reduced, they will still move inside the refrigerator. Because some food contains a lot of water, it is easy to become a hotbed for bacterial reproduction. It is recommended that this kind of food be isolated from the air before putting it into the refrigerator to avoid infection.
In addition to meals, we often use refrigerators to keep fruit fresh, but if the fruit is not eaten, should it be put in the refrigerator? In fact, some fruits are not suitable for refrigerators, such as bananas, papaya and other berries. Because of the large internal moisture, they may even come into contact with bacteria after being put into the refrigerator. It is suggested that people choose the amount of fruit that can be eaten at one time to avoid being stored in the refrigerator.
In addition, some foods such as chocolate and honey are not suitable for keeping in the fridge. When chocolate is put into the fridge, its internal fat will crystallize, which will affect the taste of food. Honey, because of its high sugar content, is not conducive to bacterial reproduction, so it is not recommended that you keep the unfinished honey in the refrigerator.