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The refrigerator is so fastidious about purchasing and daily nursing.

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The refrigerator is so fastidious about purchasing and daily nursing.

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The three giants of household appliances circle are refrigerator, TV and washing machine. Basically, no household will lack these kinds of household appliances. Among the three giants, one electric appliance is a "big fellow" who can't, can't, and can't go astray. It's not because he doesn't want to rest, but because he has to call for help and repair if he has a little slack. It is the refrigerator that we are most familiar with. And refrigerators have a very interesting thing, it has a nickname called "Stand straight and don't lie down." If you observe carefully, almost every brand manufacturer's refrigerator product instructions will read: "When handling, the vertical inclination angle of the box should not be more than 45 degrees." Why is that?
In fact, when the refrigerator is tilted, the compressor inside it will also tilt, and the force of the compressor fixture will change. If the force exceeds its prescribed limit, deformation and fracture are likely to occur, which makes it difficult to reset. If the electricity is switched on again, the compressor will probably touch the shell and affect the normal operation of the refrigerator.
In addition, if the inclination angle of the refrigerator is too large, the internal air compressor oil or refrigerant will flow. At this time, if you start using it immediately, it will probably cause the refrigeration system of the refrigerator to be blocked, not only can not refrigerate, but also may burn the compressor of the refrigerator, which will bring you greater economic losses. Of course, although these phenomena may not always occur, there are still possibilities. Therefore, the general refrigerator manufacturers will fully explain the refrigerator's tilt and handling matters. In our daily life, we should try our best to avoid excessive tilt of household refrigerators. In addition, we should regularly check, clean and maintain refrigerators. So there's a lot of common knowledge about refrigerators, and it's almost New Year's Day. Many people are starting to buy New Year's Goods. Those "disrepair" refrigerators should also be "glorious laid-off". So at this important time point, it's necessary for the author to explain the knowledge about the selection and daily maintenance of refrigerators. Knowledge.
What kind of operation will affect the power consumption of refrigerators? Such
In home life, many people have their own operating habits when using refrigerators, but some habits may have a negative impact on the refrigerator itself. For example, refrigerators have low refrigeration temperature, hot weather in summer or heat sources near refrigerators, large amounts of food in refrigerators, long-term opening of refrigerators, long-term non-defrosting of refrigerators and so on will cause the increase of refrigeration power consumption; if refrigerators have higher refrigeration temperature, the ambient temperature in winter will rise. Lower power consumption and better ventilation and heat dissipation around the refrigerator will cause a reduction in the power consumption of the refrigerator.
What is the working principle of fresh-keeping refrigerator? What kind of operation will affect the refrigeration effect of the refrigerator? Such
Many friends are interested in the working principle of fridge. Let's read it in depth. The working principle of heat preservation refrigerator is that the growth rate of bacteria and other microorganisms on food surface is slowed down and the corrosive effect on food is weakened under the low temperature environment of refrigeration. Therefore, food can be stored for a longer time, so as to achieve the purpose of preservation. However, low temperature does not kill bacteria. Food stored for a long time will rot and deteriorate due to slow corrosion of bacteria. Therefore, it is not recommended to keep food fresh for a long time.
Normal gear adjustment of refrigerators, changes in ambient temperature, sudden insertion of large quantities of food in refrigerators, long-term opening of refrigerators, existence of heat sources near refrigerators, long-term accumulation of dust on refrigerators and so on will have an impact on the refrigeration effect. Therefore, attention should be paid to the correct use and maintenance of refrigerators in life. Wait.
How to avoid fridge charges and prolong the storage period? Such
In the daily use of refrigerators, we should try our best to reduce the number of times the refrigerator opens, pay attention to the ventilation around the refrigerator, avoid putting a large amount of food in one time, regularly defrost the refrigerator, strictly follow the instructions for the use of refrigerators, and develop good habits of use.
Avoid putting hot meals directly into the refrigerator. Hot meals may cause the temperature of other nearby foods to rise, which is not conducive to the storage of other meals. In addition, hot meals will bring a lot of hot gas into the refrigerator after they are put in. Evaporated hot gas will condense into droplets on the top or side walls of the refrigerator and may drip onto the surface of other foods. It is easy to breed bacteria and cause food spoilage.
How to choose the right fridge?
Beautiful and practical design. This step is actually very important, directly related to the refrigerator service period, you can feel "pleasant" and "pleasant". At present, the refrigerator market is rich in products, various colors, different materials, various styles and designs of refrigerators, which can fully meet your personalized needs. You can choose according to the decoration style, furniture color and personal preferences, but also with air conditioning, washing machines and other household appliances set purchase. To remind you, don't just try to be fancy, it's better to choose those "Baitao" colors and design styles, so that the durable household appliances like refrigerators will become the forever harmonious bright spot in your home.
Structural form. At present, the domestic market has dual door, three door, door to door, multi door and other structural fridge products. Double-door refrigerators have refrigeration and freezing functions, while most three-door refrigerators are based on double-door refrigerators with slightly higher temperature than refrigerators.